Piercing Aftercare


DO NOT: touch your piercing.

DO NOT: soak your piercing.

DO NOT: use cotton balls or swabs.

DO NOT: rotate or move your jewelry.

DO NOT: use Alcohol, Peroxide, Antibacterial / Moisturizing soap, or any other ointments.

DO NOT: sleep on your piercing.

DO NOT: remove your jewelry during healing.

DO NOT: use hairspray / Make-up / Cleanses / Moisturizers near the piercing.


DO: wash your hands before caring for your piercing.

DO: take care of your piercing with a healthy diet.

DO: Rinse with sterile saline wound wash, Isotonic .9%Spray the Saline on your piercing to remove dirt and germs. Then dry with a sterile non-woven gauze.

DO: try avoid soaking your piercing while showering. Always rinse your piercing last in the shower.

DO: If your piercing gets dirty or sweaty, wash with a mild fragrance-free soap (mild baby soap). Then rinse with sterile saline and dry with sterile gauze.

DO: Use a cold compress to sooth swelling. Apply the cold compress for 5-10 minutes 3x day. Place sterile gauze on the piercing AND THEN the compress on top of the gauze.

DO: a hot compress will aid with circulation. To do this, use a heating pad or bottle of hot water while applying sterile gauze directly onto the piercing.


Sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling. If you plan on swimming with your new piercing, please use a waterproof bandage like Tegaderm or Bioclusive.


Put ice on your piercing to reduce swelling and to promote a faster healing time.
Rinse your mouth after eating or drinking anything besides bottled water. When Rinsing: rinse with bottled water until you do not taste anything except for the water.
Brush your teeth with a NEW  toothbrush and mild plain toothpaste.

Eat a normal healthy diet in small bites.
Cut down or stop smoking. Smokers may experience considerably longer healing times.

Avoid kissing, oral sex or any other activity that will cause exposure to another persons bodily fluids.
Most oral piercings will need to be downsized 2-4 weeks into your healing period. Come back to your piercer when you are ready for downsizing to insure your jewelry is properly sized. Except for downsizing, jewelry should not be changed until your piercing is fully healed.

Don’t use straws during initial healing. Avoid alcoholic drinks during healing period.


Cover your anchor for 3-5 days with Tegaderm or Bioclusive.


Wound wash saline rinses . Piercings can bleed freely for a few days. Keep wrapped with sterile gauze as needed.

In most cases; gentle and “fluid safe” sexual activity is fine, as soon as you feel ready. Comfort and hygiene is vital.
Rinse in warm saline solution to remove any crusty matter build-up.
Use barriers such as condoms, dental dam, and tegaderm to avoid contact with a partner’s bodily fluids, even in long-term relationships.
After sex, an additional saline rinse or clean water rinse is suggested.


May be tender, itchy or bruised for a few weeks.
It is normal to have minor bleeding for the first few days.
Maybe slightly red. Redness may persist on and off for the entire healing period.
May secrete a whitish-yellow fluid, which may crust onto the jewelry.
May be swollen and may need to be checked periodically to insure the threaded ends are still tight. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your jewelry.


Avoid getting shampoo, conditioner, body wash or other products near the piercing as much as possible.
Rinse the area thoroughly to avoid soap residue irritating the piercing.


Rinse the new piercing 4x day with a wound wash saline solution spray.
Mist the entire piercing area and allow the saline wound wash to rinse the piercing. Once solution has dried, wet a non-woven gauze with a little warm water and gently remove any crust like discharge. This discharge is normal and may even have a little bit of dried blood the first few times of cleaning. 

Expect a yellowish – white color from this discharge.