About Invisibleself Piercing

About Us


Here at Invisibleself Piercing & Jewelry Studio, we are constantly striving to bring all the newest and safest techniques to our clients. We are a husband and wife owned studio with 25 years combined experience as piercers in the industry. We only stock the finest quality body jewelry. All our body jewelry is internally threaded and threadless. We stock titanium, niobium and 316lvm stainless steel. We also carry 14 carat yellow, white and rose gold as well as, a wide variety of glass, wood, stone and amber jewelry.

All needles for piercing are sterile and single use. All jewelry and instruments used for piercing are properly disinfected and sterilized in an autoclave prior to use. These items will be opened from a sealed sterile pouch in the clients presence. Our studio does weekly spore testing by an independent laboratory to ensure that the autoclave is in proper working order.

If you are planning on coming in for a piercing, PLEASE BE IN AT LEAST 1/2 HOUR BEFORE CLOSING.